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Visual Ergonomics

Visual Ergonomics involves designing the visual environment in a way that optimizes vision and promotes a healthier working life.


Unlock the power of Visual Ergonomics and revolutionize your workspace with VERAMlight! Our cutting-edge Risk Assessment Method is designed to enhance your visual working environment, promoting sustainability, health, and productivity. Say goodbye to eye strain and hello to a brighter, more comfortable work life!

Headache? Eyestrain? Muscle pain?

Have you ever experienced any headache or eyestrain such as eye fatigue or light sensitivity? When straining the eyes the tension in the neck muscles increases, causing neck pain.

Do you know that the visual environment can cause headache, eye fatigue, light sensitivity and/or neck pain? More than half of all workplaces have incorrect lighting, a main contributor to a bad visual environment.
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Also known as the Cap test or the Visor test, is a simple test you can do to indicate whether or not you have good or bad lighting at your work desk or at home.

Do this: Put your hands above your eyes like a visor, then look at your screen or environment like you usually do. If it now feels more comfortable than before, that means that you have bad lighting that causes glare.

The Hat Test

What we offer

Get to know the basics through our 2-hour course or become a certified Visual Ergonomist with our Visual Ergonomics program, containing about 40 hours of lectures.

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