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We'd like to share with you some feedback from participants who attended our 2-hour Visual Ergonomics lecture or our VERAM Visual Ergonomics Risk Assessment Course.

The Visual Ergonomics program – VERAM have given me a completely new area of knowledge. I can help people in a better way than before. The visual environment is so important to a heathier working life.

Elin Tiensuu - Physiotherapist

The course in Visual Ergonomics has raised my awareness of the importance of lighting and the visual environment. The hat test is so useful to use when checking the risk for glare!

Annica Larsson, Ergonomist

VERAM have given me a structured way to work with visual ergonomics. I can help people in a better way than before. A good visual environment can really improve productivity, healt and well-being.

Birgitta Hård af Segerstad, Physiotherapist

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