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Hillevi Hemphälä

Hillevi is an optometrist and a lighting designer, with a PhD in the field of Visual Ergonomics. She is an assistant professor at Lund University and is one of the leading researchers in the field of Visual Ergonomics and Light & Health.

Camilla Zetterberg

Camilla Zetterberg is a physiotherapist with a PhD in Medical Science within Visual Ergonomics. She is an associate professor at the University of Gävle in Work Environment and Health. Her research is focused on Visual Ergonomics and Flexible work forms.

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Per Nylén

Per Nylén, PhD, has participated in many research studies about lighting and visual ergonomics and has written a widely used book on the subject. He has worked at the Swedish OSHA for 35 years and also gives lectures in these subjects at many higher education institutions like the Karolinska Institute and the Royal Institute of Technology.

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